New Necklaces

New Necklaces

I seem to only come on here to tell you how excited I am about something new. Well, sue me. I'm an excitable person. I'm a cheery, jolly, optimistic type. Unless there's a thunderstorm in which case I am a crow.

But, I am excited about this newest drop in the shop. I say everything is shiny and new and in this case they are definitely shiny!

Each necklace is made of Sterling Silver and finished in three different options; 18K Rose Gold, 24K Yellow Gold and White Rhodium.

My favourite is the Rose Gold, because Rose Gold is everything.

They come with an 18" chain, but I will be sourcing different length chains as they are perfect for layering. Each comes in it's own jewellery box, making it perfect for gifting too.


My favourite from the set includes the Tropical Leaves, which I will be wearing all Summer.

You can shop all the necklaces here.

And as a special offer to celebrate they're launch they'll be 10% off the necklaces until 1st May 2020. (The discount will automatically be applied at checkout)

In my previous blog post this week I mentioned how Sovende Bjorn is going to be evolving and changing over the next few months.

This is one of the ways it will be changing, lot's of new product drops. All of these new drops were planned for the next year but with a global pandemic and subsequent lockdown here in the UK everything has sort of sped up as I find myself with lot's more time on my hands.

A girls got to do something other than binge watch Tiger King, Parks & Recreation and replay Skyrim all the way through again.

Hope you like them!


-The Sleeping Bear
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