Diversity in Adversity, Sovende Bjorns Covid 19 update

Diversity in Adversity, Sovende Bjorns Covid 19 update

Hi, so how's it going? I mean really.

I'm writing this while I sit in the sunshine in my garden. I can hear a lot of birds, the cats sitting being very cute under my chair and I keep getting a whiff of the lavender (I love lavender, I grow as much as my cold Northern soil will let me). It's lovely and it's my only option because I'm not allowed to be anywhere else right now. Weird hey?

This is such a weird crazy time we're all living through right now so, I thought I would give a little update from Sovende Bjorn HQ.

I am still open! 

But, orders are only going out one day a week. I'm limiting the amount I have to go to the post office. If you are ordering from the website please bear that in mind before you check out. And, if something is urgent please use the Contact Me page to let me know before you place your order. 

I'm also giving shoutouts over on Instagram to all my lovely Indie Shops, stockists, friends & makers who are still working hard making and despatching orders online, even though in a lot of cases their shops have had to close. 

This is a really tough time to be an independent business, if you have something to buy, now it's more important than ever to shop small or local as much as you can. If you have a small business or maker you think deserves a shoutout let me know in the comments!  

But, with all this extra at home time I have been super busy designing. The Sun can't shine in the garden all the time after all. Over the next few weeks you're going to be seeing a lot of changes here on the website. They'll be updated photography & graphics, a few layouts might change to make the website much more streamlined and best of all a lot of new designs and products. 

I had big plans for this year. 

Sovende Bjorn has been growing into the brand I first envisioned when I opened the shop after Christmas in December 2016. Now we're ready for the next chapter. 

It's going to be exciting. I hope you stay safe in the next few months while we work through this difficult period and I hope you stick with me as we move into this new chapter. As the Queen put it so well. We will meet again. 


The Sleeping Bear

PS: Do you follow me on Instagram? You can find me @SovendeBjorn, for all the latest updates and some behind the scenes gossip on stories. 

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