Music Monday May 2017

I’m off to Spain this weekend for a little jolly with my partner in crime so this weeks New Music Monday is a little longer and a bit more Summer Holiday themed. I've picked 20 songs that I will definitely be playing while sitting on a flamingo inflatable drinking some form of sangria in a swimming pool under a cloudless sky. Does it sound like I'm looking forward to it? Because I am. I love the mountain climbing holidays but I also love a little bit of sunshine, got to get my summer hair to go blonde, there's a lot of tapas to be eaten and I have more than twelve new books I plan to read. And then maybe when I'm done with that I'll climb some Spanish mountains...

The Boys of Summer - Don Henley

What better way to start off a playlist can you think of than this? Another great open road song.

Summertime - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Slow it down a bit here and lay back in your chair. Pour yourself a large glass of Iced Tea and relax. 

Wipeout - The Safaris

I carried a Watermelon. Not only is this from one of my all time favourite soundtracks but it is a song that will not fail to get you moving your feet.

Schools Out - Alice Cooper

This is for singing at your loudest pitch, while ripping off that old school tie, and throwing your schoolbooks in the air. Or reminiscing about that anyway. Anyone else ceremoniously burn the textbooks when they left school or was that just me?

Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams

Early 2000's house party nostalgia for this one. Picture a very awkward teenage me in my friend Dave's back garden in a mini kilt with a can of Boddingtons in hand (shudder, it was all I could get my local to sell me without ID) jumping around in a garden to this while someone, naming no names Jasonic, did air guitar with a snooker cue.

In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry

Well obviously. Let's just never mention Mungo Jerry sideburns. Criminal.

Cruel Summer - Bananarama

Again, it's obvious. but to me, it's a battle between this and Robert DeNiro's waiting. Either way the 80's child in me is happy with this. 

Summertime - fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

Drums Please...

Drop it like it’s Hot - Snoop Dogg

Can you feel your hips move? Is your head nodding? Are you in fact dropping it like it is hot in your kitchen right now? I am.

Uh Ooooh- Lumidee

Catchy, and infectious and everywhere the summer this came out. I think this song was played on repeat on the Kiss music channel.

Milkshake - Kelis

I tried this. It does not work. But, you will have a milkshake, so that's a plus. 

Breathe - Blu Cantrell

Sean Paul is one of the sounds of Summer, for better or worse, this song goes hand in hand with that and a chorus that you can't help but sing along to.

Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest

A lot happened in 1990, reunification of Germany, Margaret Thatcher resigned, Nelson Mandela was freed, the launch of the Hubble telescope, the Cold War escalated into the beginnings of the Gulf War, the debut of Mr Bean. Seems like a pretty big year. Also this song came out.

Steal my Sunshine - Len

Catchy, addictive and in your head for hours. Trust me.

Wake me up - Avicii

The first of my waving my arms in the air and having a dance party all of my own. This came out a couple of years ago and I pretty much listened to it on repeat.

Sunchyme - Dario G

Absolute banger. No questions asked.

Castles in the Sky - Ian Van Dah

Do you ver question your other life? Do you ever wonder why? Then this song is for you. *Raises hands in air and get's a bit lost in music*

Cheerleader - OMI

This is when you know Radio 2 is getting a bit cool. When Steve Wright in the afternoon plays the same songs that Radio 1 play. And they're very very summery, and they put you in a good mood. It's that saxophone at the beginning. 

Let’s push things forward - The Streets

So what's the story? You still know all the words to this. Fact.

Malibu - Miley Cyrus

A new song sneaking in at the end and I absolutely love it. Miley Cyrus has  such an individual tone to her voice. I don't really care about all the weed smoking and skimpy outfits and twerking (I'm a twerking in my kitchen while cooking with a glass of wine only kind of girl, or hen parties...). I'm here for the music and this song is just beautiful. Really summery and hopeful, of rekindled love and the beginnings of a great album I hope.

See you all in June!