Reducing Waste & Packaging

Reducing Waste is an important subject for me. Most of us by now are quite good at reducing our household waste; we recycle, we use beeswax paper instead of plastic bags and cling film, reusable kitchen towels instead of paper, and my favourite the water bottles which I make are now in any cupboard in my house ready to use instead of buying single use plastic. 

I'm finding that it's a lot easier to reduce waste at home then it is in the studio but I am doing what I can so I thought I would tell you a bit of how I work and package products. 

The mugs when I receive them are wrapped in a plastic bag, bubble wrap and then a small cardboard box. The plastic bags get sorted and put into my relevant recycling bin, the small cardboard boxes are not suitable for me to post items in so I actually donate these to another local crafter who uses them to package her items in and the bubble wrap I keep.

The large boxes the mugs and stock arrive in are either recycled or reused depending on how good nick they are in when they arrive. Any without too large a dent or bashes on them get reused when I send out trade orders. So, if you've received a box that looks a bit worse for wear, sorry but I'm trying to do my bit! 

The mugs when they leave me are wrapped in tissue, paper which I source as locally as possible to me and is where possible recycled and then placed back in the bubble-wrap bag they originally arrived in for protection. But, this time they have a polite sticker asking to please recycle it when you've unwrapped your mug!

For small order packaging they're then placed in PayPal branded boxes (made from recycled materials) & padded for protection with brown paper. The brown paper rather cleverly comes from my partners factory where it would normally be discarded. So, I take it and make it useful again... 

That's it. How my products are packaged and how I sort my rubbish and recycling and I hope this makes a small difference in the long term for our planet. 

There’s still more I can do that I’m working on changing but my number one thing has been to cut out as much single use plastic as I can. I’m working on some reusable bottles at the moment, so soon you will be able to be kind to the planet, hydrate more and rep some kick ass Sovende Bjorn designs at the same time.

Woo hoo!

I’ll let you know more when they’re finished…


Emily Faulkner