How is it April already?

*peeks outside* Has it stopped snowing yet? I’m scared to look outside. 

It’s safe to say that since January we’ve had our fair share of snow here in County Durham. I was snowed in for one day, though that was only because of cars blocking me in. The CR-V was an absolute champ and I even towed someone up a hill for the first time. That was exciting. But hopefully, I say hopefully because it did snow yesterday, hopefully Spring is on the way. And that means I’m thinking about blue skies, adventures, good food and new products!

I’ve gone totally mad this week with music it seems. All my new products are music related this week! 
Custom sound wave mugs are now available in the Esty store!

This is a really cool idea for loved ones (and unloved ones!) You pick the song and I turn your song choice into a sound wave and put it on a mug for you. Each mug will be completely unique and the text on the mug is also customisable if you wanted a message on there too. I don't know how it is in your household but, our house runs on music. Like, all the time. We are not a silent house. Which makes these mugs one of my new favourite things. 


I’ll be adding the option to buy them as foil prints soon too. Those are going to look super spiffy! I can foresee a few of them going up on my walls. 

Chris Stapleton - Whiskey & You.jpg

The next things to go live on the shop is a range of Hamilton themed stuff. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with Hamilton? Well, I am. The boy and I popped down to the big smoke recently our tickets in hands and got to see the London version of the show. It was amazing. Straight up amazing. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it because I know the Original Cast Recording backwards, forwards and upside down by now. (Anyone for a Cabinet Meeting?) But, it was sublime. It helped that the night was followed by lunch at Benares in Mayfair (I know, so posh) that was just…. Ugh, food wonderful food and a lot of wandering around London. Very strange for me as I do tend to be a bit lost in the big city. The point of this ramble? Go to London, see Hamilton. Or, find Hamilton on Spotify here. 


Hip-hop, musical theatre and history.
 What more could you want?

Last up is a new playlist on Spotify; In Celebration of Kitchen Dancing. 
I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a dancer. Not a good dancer by any means, just a dancer. Particularly a kitchen dancer, glass of wine in hand while cooking dinner. The playlist is the perfect mix of some of the best tunes you can cook to. Wine or no wine. 

And while cooking I’ve got a round of recipes and recommendations for food which I’ll be sharing over the Summer in weekly blog posts. Hope you enjoy.



Emily Faulkner