So Many Mugs!

Afternoon everybody! 

Hope you're all having a lovely time in the sunshine or lack thereof up here in Northumberland! After an absolutely fantastic time on holiday I am back in full swing and have been busy updating the Easy shop. I have added a grand total of 92 mugs there this week! With another 35ish designs ready to be added! 

All the mugs are available as ceramic mugs and will soon be available in three different options, 11oz Ceramic Mug, 8oz Enamel Camping Mug & 11oz Children's Polymer Mug. I'm really excited about the polymer mugs, they're a great option for children and for adult camping trips. Completely BPA free and as with all the other mugs and products they're handmade in the studio by me. 

Check out the Easy store here and below for a sneak peek at the Mountain Mama Collection. These were a simple concept of plain colours and designs. Meant to make you think of mountains when you can't be in them. Unless you want them on a camping mug to use in the mountains?

There are some fun mugs in the collection too. I've been daydreaming about mermaids and unicorns and princesses for a while...

I'm still up to my elbows with my trade catalogue but I'm really pleased with how it's looking. It's nearly finished now, soon to be ready for proofing, printing and shipping to some chosen stockists. If you would like a copy sent to you please fill in the form below. Thanks,



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Emily Faulkner