New Music Monday

Niall Horan - This Town

So, here’s a confession. I have secret (not so secret anymore) love for One Direction. I could blame my niece for it, but I won’t, it would be a lie. There’s just something about the mix of pop/rock songs that I really enjoy listening to, in the sea way I used to love listening to McFly. Harry Styles has a new song out but for the moment I want to concentrate on Niall Horan, who seems very sweet and I want to keep him. This song appeals to me so much, it’s that perfect blend of twiddly acousticness (technical terms, musicians pay attention) that I love. Pair this with a good book and a glass of wine on the sofa and I am done.


Zac Brown Band - Real Thing

Zac Brown Band are probably my favourite band ever. I can be in any mood to listen to them and honestly they were probably the best band I have ever seen live, (also Bob Harris was there so WIN!) The songs are just beautifully written, lyrically and melodically. You can sing along to them in the car or while away and afternoon with them, but I will say that Chicken Fried is probably the perfect soundtrack to a bbq! Even my non country loving other half likes them, and he doesn’t like anything. At all. Ever. 


Matt Monro - On Days Like These

As the sunshine appears here in grey Northumbria I get to spend more time in my car (I hate town driving and love country driving. I also LOVE my car, K-2 if you wanted to know) and this song may be the ultimate sunshine driving song. Imagine it, middle of nowhere roads, I recommend the Military Road in Northumberland or the A68 through Northumberland to the Borders, windows down, wind through your hair, dog in the passenger seat and this on the radio. Just avoid tunnels and mafia bosses. 

He's called K-2.

He's called K-2.


Hamilton Soundtrack - Wait For It

I have been on a total Hamilton binge for the last six months, Guns & Ships appeared on a Spotify playlist and I was totally hooked. I’ll probably be talking about Hamilton on the Music Blog for a while. I have tickets to go see it in March 2018 in London and I really can’t wait. It’s probably a little unpatriotic and complicated to love something based so much around the American revolution as much as I do but… there you go. This is probably my favourite song on the album, I think Lin-Manuel Miranda has written such an empathetic character in Aaron Burr, a man with a tangled and complicated history with Alexander Hamilton, this song just resonates with me, the rise and fall of the melody and the internal monologue of someone who works hard but is scared to put his neck out and risk losing it all. Go listen to it in its entirety. It’s wonderful.

*Warning though, you will get caught by your elderly next door neighbour as you desperately try and rap all of Guns & Ships with a large glass of wine in your hand. 


Nelly - Country Grammar

Another summer song. Just because the sun is shining as I’m writing this. This song makes me want to put my flip flops on, grill some steak and drink a bucket of margarita. I will settle for a bucket of Long Island Iced Tea. Imagine this on the stereo as you chat with friends in the garden or have a little dance maybe? Just me? Whatever… I’m going downtown baby...

Emily Faulkner